kensington market

A vegetarian / vegan stronghold in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Kensington Market is a vibrant and diverse area, a must visit when coming to Toronto. In 2005 Canada designated Kensington market as a national historic site.  Its one of the oldest and most diverse neighborhoods in Toronto.  .

On the last Sunday of the warmer months there is a pedestrian day where the roads shut down to vehicles.  Artist, musicians and performers come out to entertain and the streets become packed with people and food stalls.  

The area has many bars, even a secret hidden bar that is open after hours (Last call is 2am in Toronto), art studios, dance clubs, cafes, green space, pot shops, used clothes shops, restaurants, books, grocers, bakeries, vintage shops, bike shops and more.  You will find hipsters, punks, Jamaicans, artists and various other cultures going about their day here.  You can spend hours just admiring the graffiti alone.  Its an area that has resisted corporate stores and even stopped a Walmart from opening in its neighborhood. 

For many years we fed feral cats in the area, volunteering for annex cat rescue.  During that time we spent many days exploring and trying different restaurants.  Allot has changed since that time and for the better, as more veggie places have opened.  I wouldn’t say the best vegetarian restaurant in Toronto resides here, but for the many choices available you can’t go wrong. 

We would be surprised if any of the restaurants in the area do not have at least a few veggie options, however there is 9 (maybe more) vegetarian / vegan places alone!  Here is some of our recommendations below.

Kings Vegetarian restaurant: This is probably the biggest menu you’ll ever come by in a veggie restaurant.  There is a wide range of food choices from Chinese, Japanese and Indian.  Probably every type of mock meat you can think of if that’s your thing.  Plus, a nice assortment of teas and non-alcoholic drinks.  This place has been opened since 1996 and is still going strong. 

Urban Herbivore:  They pride themselves in having local organic ingredients and biodegradable take-out packages.  From sandwiches, a few selections of bowls or you can create your own with a nice amount of options, salads, soups, baked goods and fresh juices this place is a very healthy choice.  Inside has a nice atmosphere with huge ferns hanging from the ceiling, and a nice view of the busy street outside. 

Ital Vital Kensington Market:  Vegan Caribbean food with lots of choices, at this place you will get a huge amount of food for $11 dollars. 

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