Tim Horton's Beyond Meat Burger Patty Review.

Exciting times, when Tim Horton’s rolls out a veggie burger.  In fact if Im not mistaken the only hamburger Tim’s sells is a veggie burger!

When Tim Horton’s first came out with Beyond Meat products I was shocked.  I didn’t see that coming, I never viewed Tim Horton’s as a place that would cater to veggie eaters.  However after trying the the beyond vegan breakfast sandwich I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t suck.  I quite enjoy it, but it is a tad on the dry side.  

Then the news broke they were releasing more Beyond Meat products starting with a veggie burger.  However after reading this review from narcity.com (which compares Tim’s beyond to A&W) my hopes of a quality burger was quickly turned down.  Their main points were the following: It looked gross, no sesame bun, very dry and very damp at the same time, too much mustard.  The boyfriend of the writer wouldn’t even take a bite it looked so gross.  After reading the review I almost decided I wouldn’t try it.  However curiosity got the better of me.  

I opened the box and I was surprised to find it didn’t look gross or sloppy and look at that it comes with a sesame bun! It also wasn’t dry or damp, and was actually quite tasty.  I can only conclude whatever the narcity reviewer got was other from a bad employee, or a hack job at discrediting Tim’s in favour of A&Ws.  I have had A&W’s several times now and it is also quite good.  Infact I would be hard pressed to choose between the two as they seem to be very close to each other (both Beyond Meat). 

Regardless it isn’t the best veggie burger I’ve had, but for a quick bite from Tim Horton’s you can’t go wrong. 

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