The Veggie Reviews

We spend most our time between Toronto and Japan, and love to try new places out.  We would like to share, as being a vegetarian or vegan it can be a chore sometimes finding a place to eat. 

While we live in Toronto, we are fortunate to have family in Japan.  We travel once a year, and with Japan being a small country with a well-connected train system we get to explore the country with ease.  Japan is known for its culinary excellence with Tokyo alone having the most michelin star (230) restaurants in the world.  Though most restaurants are not vegetarian friendly, there is still plenty of excellent veggie restaurants around.  

Toronto is the most diverse city in the world.  It has 230 different nationalities with 51% being born outside of Canada.   With that diversity comes a wide range of restaurants, approximately 7500.  From Asian, Indian to Ethiopian there is always some good veggie options.  Here are some of our favourite places in no particular order in Toronto (we will review soon):

Planta – High end veggie restaurant in yorkville.  Its costly but worth it.
Ramen Isshin – The best ramen place in Toronto, has vegan options and vegan noodles.
Fresh – Fresh has several restaurants around Toronto, with hearty bowls and plenty of options.
Vegetarian Haven – In our opinion this is the best veggie restaurant in Toronto, sadly its closing soon.

The veggie reviews.

Call ahead and they will prepare a special veggie meal just for you. 

There are 9 veggie restaurants in this diverse area.

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