Vitamin B12


B12 is produced by bacteria from the ground and on our veggies, and since we wash our veggies thoroughly we lose those little beneficial friends in the process.  Here at we don’t recommend you start grazing in the fields with your fellow herbivore friends.  Nowadays we spray chemicals everywhere and that is why we wash our vegetables, not even organic can be guaranteed to be safe.

So vegans, it is advised to eat B12 fortified foods or take a good supplement to make sure you are getting enough B12.  Even for meat eaters its not so simple for.  Some animals are not grass fed therefore even the cows and other animals need b12 supplements which in turn is how you get it from the meat you eat.  Click here for some sources form a reddit user.

We are not nutritional experts, just care about our health so its always wise to do your own research, but its safe to say B12 is extremely important.  A deficiency in B12 can cause: nerve problems, vision loss and metal health problems like depression, memory loss and behaviour changes.  As you can see its very important to get your B12 vitamins.


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