No vegetable is safe here.  Vegetarian and Vegan recipes, nutrition and gardening. 

Momijiya ryokan - Kyoto

Japan isn’t exactly known for being vegetarian friendly, but if you look closer you will find some of the best vegetarian restaurants around.  Not only that but some Hotels / Ryokans will make accommodations if you let them know beforehand.   One such place we visited in 2016 called Momijiya ryokan was one of the best vegetarian meals I ever had.  Click here to read more.  ​

Latest veggie reviews.

Call ahead and they will prepare a special veggie meal just for you. 

There are 9 veggie restaurants in this diverse area.

Vegan / Vegetarian nutrition.

Protein, Amino acids, Iron, Zinc, what it takes to get all you need. With any special diet we need to make sure we are getting the proper nutrients. In the life cycle, carnivores eat other animals, were omnivores can eat both green and animal. Nutrients get passed along, and humans can benefit from both worlds. Some of us however choose not to eat meat and we have the benefit to choose that life style and can do quite well. There are several vitamin’s though that vegans especially should look at carefully.

B12 comes from a bacteria from the ground, and since we wash our veggies thoroughly we lose those little beneficial friends in the process.

Grown them, eat them, don’t feel bad.

Gardening and the veggies we love.

This year we are running two gardens, one in a small outdoor patio in the city and another up north. 


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