No vegetable is safe here.  Vegetarian and Vegan recipes, nutrition and gardening.  Plus reviews of some of the best veggie restaurants we found.

Latest Recipes

Delicious Vegan/Vegetarian Buffalo Cauliflower.  

Pesto Pasta

Momijiya ryokan - Kyoto

Japan isn’t exactly known for being vegetarian friendly, but if you look closer you will find some of the best vegetarian restaurants around.  Not only that but some Hotels / Ryokans will make accommodations if you let them know beforehand.   One such place we visited in 2016 called Momijiya ryokan was one of the best vegetarian meals I ever had.  Click here to read more.  ​

Latest restaurant reviews.

Vegan / Vegetarian nutrition.

Protein, Amino acids, Iron, Zinc, what it takes to get all you need.

“Healthy eating, can lead to a happier life”

Growing your own food, is rewarding and healthy!

Balcony growing is difficult, but rewarding when things finally grow.


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